Swapping Swingers


Restless legs syndrome is a neurological disorder characterized by an irresistible urge to move one’s body to stop uncomfortable or odd sensations.” – Wikipedia

Although it might cause a similar urge, the Restless Leg Syndrome we’re talking about here is of a less harmful nature. It’s a musical team from Austria consisting of longtime DJ and producer d.b.h and the two turntable wizards Chrisfader and Testa, who split up most of the national DJ championships between each other in the last decade and also made a name for themselves as producers. The concept behind their joint-venture is quite simple: Take an old genre of music, sample and flip it into dancefloor-ready beats, from HipHop to House. In the case of their debut EP “Swapping Swingers” the focus is on the Swinging 1920s. With the terrors of World War I behind them and the global economy not having crashed yet, people seemed to party especially hard in this period of time. Now, Restless Leg Syndrome captured that musical vibe in the hopes of turning 2010s dances similarly rowdy!

Short Info:

Interpret: Restless Leg Syndrome
Artists: Chrisfader, Chrisfader x Testa, d.b.h, Muh, Testa
Genre: Instrumental
Releasedate: 12/01/2011