The stories of the flying lap dog…

the earthy percussion and world music sounds of oliver Deutsch; jazz, hip hop and elements of pop music, conceived, quoted and recorded by Daniel Gärtner; and microphone and eld recordings that Philippe Forestier uses both percussively and as ambient sounds: these elements are interwoven on this album into wonderfully intimate musical moments.
somewhere between these musical genres, the three artists, together with their guests, create an island that they proceed to explore, mapping out a varied and exciting route. the album stands out with its sophisticated analogue sound and with titles that create space for unexpected harmonic and acoustic gems far o the common 24bar aaba structure. all the more surprising, then, the uncanny ease with which the listener can follow this musical journey.
the following musicians have contributed to this album: markus oberleitner | Ángela tröndle | sir tralala | Denovaire | Ida kreutzer | the unused word and Irmie vesselsky. many thanks to you all!
the LP will appear as a limited vinyl edition of 300 albums including download code for the digital version. the gorgeous album cover is the creation of anita brunnauer, who combined cyanotype prints from oliver Deutsch with her own elements into her own, unique design. thank you nita.

Short Info:

Interpret: PDF and the acrobats
Artists: PDF (Phil da Funk), The Unused Word
Genre: Instrumental, Singer
Releasedate: 02/27/2017