Feux and Mirac have a “Mastaplan” – and its twelve tracks hit home in the listener’s ears. The title may seem arrogant to some, but in truth proves the protagonists have a generous portion of self confidence, which they display well. Mirac’s raps become critical reports about the rap scene that usually is busy giving itself props. Even the medially defined word hip-hop is taken into consideration and re-evaluated: „Ma leant net vom Feanseah, ma leant vo Plottn!“ („You don’t learn by watching TV, you learn by listening to records!“) And this young MC believes in what he is preaching.
Just as the first release on DuzzDownSan records brought „Frischluft“ („Fresh air“), so does this. And it seems obvious why: Mirac grew up next to underground artists such as Polifame or Def Ill. This hip-hop family manifests itself in BoomBap-Sound, which most call the „golden era“ of hip-hop, combined with experimental sounds. This balance between innovation and roots that can also be found in Feux’s instrumentals, that open a new segment in Austrian hip-hop culture and are situated between Dilla and Madlib’s sounds. On being confronted with a lack of quantisation and sloppy beats in the Detroit style, the Austrian self confidently answers: “I see it as setting innovative new patterns, bringin some “live-drums” feeling to it. Keep them beats rollin!” These patterns were big on demand in earlier releases such as “21 & Ghost” with Nebz Supreme.
All in all, “Mastaplan” brings you statements with a message and technical acrobatics – concerning production as well as lyrics.

Short Info:

Interpret: Feux x Mirac
Artists: Feux, Mirac
Genre: German Rap
Releasedate: 04/18/2009


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