Polifame,the rappin thought-conductor from ‘Froschberg’-Linz Austria, first appeared in the public light on FM4s platform ‘Soundpark’ (a virtual Playground for young,ambitious musicians) when he was gentle 16 years old. Even in the early years of his creative work, he got attention for his surpassing musicality and songwriter-qualities. In the year 2008 he released his Debut-Album ‘Frischluft’ on Duzz Down San records,Polifame is not interested in Genre-limits or limitation of creativity, and so the multi-instrumentalist (saxophone,guitar,bass,synthesizer….) with the long breath now searches for the sense in his upcoming EP ‘Sense Of Searching’ (Release May 2010). A trip through deep electronic, paired with brachial rock elements and the required stability spending dose of hip hop. 
Up til now the resonances from the musical world have been sovereign. Polifame got airplay with his single ‘Mosaik’, was part of compilations like ‘FM4 Soundselection’, the KAPU samper ‘Einfrieren’ and substantiated his on ahead rushing good reputation with steady live shows in team with DJ Chrisfader. Polifame knows how to engage the attention of his audience and to teleport the people in his own musical dimension,no matter if on records whether live on stage. Polifame is also currently working on an EP called ‘Polifame&Chrisfader-Tiefsee’,which will show Polifame from his ‘deepest’ page. A Collabo Album with the MC ‘Mirac’ is about getting off the starting blocks in summer 2010. He supplies the austrian rap landscape further on with good oxygen loaded fresh air.

Short Info:

Interpret: Polifame
Genre: German Rap
Releasedate: 02/28/2008


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