DuzzUp Vol.8 Snippet

Three (!) years after our last DuzzUp Compilation, the birds are flying again!

Duzz Down San presents: DuzzUp Vol.8
Releasedate: 08.08.2017

23 Instrumentals by the Duzz Down San family and friends!

The unused word, Kill Emil, Osive, PDF, Testa, Mo Cess, PrWx1o0, Trishes, MIRAC, Polifame, DMG, I.F.T.N., Simp & nita., Kenji451, A:lex, Mono:Massive, TSI, Mononome, Gnischrew, Con & Testa feat. Kenji541 & Twintowas, Trommeltobi, Mosch & Manu Delago and theclosing!

Cover by nita. studio für visuelle gestaltung.
Video by Ludwig Tomaschko
Snippet by Testa