The Unused Word – Think EP

The unused word 3 © Daniel Leitner
The new “Think EP” by The Unused Word is released on Duzz Down San on October 6th, 2014. Since her debut release was internationally widely received – especially in Canada, England, South Africa and Germany -, and since her acoustic cover of ‘the healer’ (original by Erykah Badu & Madlib) attracted attention in beatmaker circles, it is very likely that her new release will be again greeted with open arms and ears.
The ‘Think EP’ consists of six tracks, which are more focused on her own productions – departing from her eight track debut ‘infinity’ that introcuced The Unused Word as a Duzz Down San newcomer in cooperation with her labelmates. Compared to two own productions on ‘infinity’, there are now three, one of them with another label newcomer, the internationally renowned brasilian-swedish rapper Yarah bravo (formerly Ninja Tune). This first track ‘The Kid’, surprisingly close to classic hip hop as a reverence to Duzz Down San, also features cuts kindly contributed by dJ chrisfader (2-times ITF Austria Champion, one-time ITF Austria Champion in the Team Category with dJ testa, 4th Place ITF European Finals 2006).
The EP also contains further musical contributions by german producer Pawcut, a pro at meticulous beatgeekery, and the young Austrian masters karma art (DDS, Vienna) and stikz (Shash Records, Linz). As usual, The Unused Word’s tracks are honest to the core while remaining unobtrusive and soft sounding. They talk about pain, intra-familial problems, but also about growing up and keeping up a relaxed attitude. The bottom-line of this versatile artist: There are people who understand other people’s sadness, who put their arms around them and motivate them to embrace change. The unused word & Duzz Down San wish you a good time with the Think EP!