Restless Leg Syndrome – “Rooted” OUT NOW!


“Rooted” is Restless Leg Syndrome’s third release, focusing on the Austrian DJ trio’s Tyrolean roots.

The concept behind their joint-venture is quite simple: Take a specific genre of music, sample and flip it into danceable beats.

On their last project, “Dabkeh”, sounds from the Arabic world were the source of inspiration.
In producing “Rooted”, the RLS boys made the effort to record traditional Tyrolean folk instruments – including accordion, harp, tuba, zither, and horns – to put them in a different context. Tradition and custom are also mirrored in Lukas Goller’s artwork for the record.

“Rooted“ is d.b.h, Chrisfader and Testa’s own personal version of traditional Tyrolean sounds combined with progressive production, a mixture of laid-back beats and club bangers. Cowbells, jaw harps, “Schuplattler“ and “Teufelsgeige“ meet kicks, snares, synths and cuts.

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