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pdf trio

The story begins in quaint eastern Tyrol, when three Austrian musicians of different styles meet for the first time at the Pix & Vibes Festival in 2010. The spontaneous jam session a few hours later marks the birth of the pdf trio.

The mix of various musical origins coins the individual style of the trio. The collective remixing of Vertual Vertigo (Chicago, US) and the collaboration with the labels DuzzDownSan (Vienna, AT) und Tonträger (Linz, AT) inspires the three artists; the concept for their own album comes into existence.

The three love to travel the world, which reflects, among other things, in the variety and choice of instruments. The project itself is a journey, from dub-sounding sub baselines, string instruments from different parts of the world to percussions, some specifically created for the project. Instruments with synthesizers and samplers harmonize sonorously.

Fusion guitar player Peter Pussarnig graduated from art university in Graz with a degree in guitar and learned to play Bağlama in Istanbul and Sitar in Varanasi. He has travelled the world for years and has played with numerous musicians from different genres.

Oliver Deutsch learned to play the congas and various other drum instruments in Sevilla and Graz. After having travelled through South America for a couple of times, he started to focus more on the sounds of different instruments from all over the world.

Philippe Forestier has been poducing boundarie-transcending music for years, known as PDF a.k.a. Phil da Funk. By embedding sounds and sound pieces which he recorded into his music, he creates a a sophisticated sound design.