P.tah & Last Boogie – Patch EP


P.tah & Last Boogie – Patch EP:

Viennese 140 bpm pioneers P.tah & Last Boogie, both part of well respected dubstep and german rap style-grime formations like Atomique, P.tah & Con, deliver their diverse debut release on Austria’s finest Hip Hop and electronic music imprint Duzz Down San.

The 5 track ep contains 3 dub and dubstep influenced songs with a strong leaning towards organic sample elements, as well as 2 free bonus tracks (exclusively downloadable via Bandcamp) on a more grimy tip. The song “Press” also features the solid cuts of talented turntablist Dj Chrisfader.

While Last Boogie has been one of the Austrian originators of the early dubstep days, representing dubstep.at and Dub:iouz Records, beatmaker and MC P.tah is also busy in hosting the regular clubnight BLVZE in Vienna, covering all styles of bass music.