Mosch – “7 – the center” EP out now!


With “7 the center” Duzz Down San label-founder Mosch is following the footsteps of The Unused word who dropped 5 the balance earlier this year. But what the heck unites these two utterly different realeases? It’s not the music itself but more the way it was put out. No long promophase, no hassle of trying hard to catch attention in these oversaturated times. Just finish the production process and put it out straight away. This also happened with “7 the center” and somehow one might feel this spontanious approach of releasing also in the uncompromising way it was produced in the first place. On the other hand these eight tracks follow the tradition of previous releases “metamorphosis as a metaphor” and “troposphere” giving the listener an relaxed downtempo experience which will compliment your headphones giving you the possibility to dive deep into Mosch’s signature soundscapes. Willingly or not he shows again that he is sitting somewhere outsinde the court watching hypes and trends playing their game, sometimes contributing to certain details but most of the time just doing his thing.