Karma Art – “Sixty Cycle Hum” OUT NOW!


Karma Art’s new EP arrives where the last couple of tracks of ‘Zebra’ started to develop itself into – tracks that are almost a little reserved but gently unfolding its compactness and refinement within the number of listenings. Within every minute of the 5-Track-Instrumental-EP – starting with ‘If I had a mouth’, transforming into ‘Lime’, floating into the consciousness of ‘sixty cycle hum’, leading to ‘abra’ and finally finishing it of with ‘wealthy’ – every sound is ripping itself apart and is assembeling itself again into a new level of motion. No sample, that is not handmade, no sound that is not from organic origin, no instrument, that is not played by selected fingers – every tiny little humming, knocking or rustling is meant to be exactly where it is.