Faces – Ahead (EP) out now!!!


MIRAC is no stranger within the local music scene. He has long released four rap albums on Viennese independent label Duzz Down San and even reached international acclaim with his viral hit “Alaba”. After shifting his focus towards producing, MIRAC received a ticket to the 2016 Red Bull Music Academy held in Montreal, where he was able to expand his skills and share knowledge with international artists. His Falco-Remix “Nie mehr Schule” with DJ RayRay (Taiwan) reached over 250,000 clicks. On his return to Austria, MIRAC performed his instrumental EP “Wavetable Manners” at Vienna’s Popfest. 2017 brought along another milestone beyond the genre of hip hop, as he won the Austrian Film Award for best sound design.

Collaborating with FACES spans a new chapter, in which lyricism wanders through picturesque backdrops on an autobiographical path. The unique bond between the two artists brings forth the freedom FACES needs to tell her story. She decides to accept her bipolar disorder as a part of her personality. Instead of taking medication, dealing with it becomes part of her creative process. While the lyrics provided
by SELBSTLAUT seem to be brushed into the sky like captivating frescoes, FACES builds up walls with words to frame her peace of mind.

AHEAD features five future bass tracks which additionally are dedicated to the time to come. Between the promise of mischief glistens a fleetingly hope that – as in FACES phases – awaits her after the darkness.

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