Exclusive: The Unused Word – “When there is fire”


Nach einiger Zeit meldet sich the unused word stimm- und textgewaltig wie eh und je zurück. Im neuen Studio scheint es recht comfy zu sein. Die Nummer ist in einer einzigen großen Session entstanden. Anna schreibt dazu auf Facebook:

Hello everyone! This is my new track called ‘When There Is Fire’. This is the first time in a very long time that I was able to produce a ‘one night session track’. I wrote, produced, recorded and mixed everything in one day, primarily working at night – around 16 or 17hrs during the past 24 hours. (Yes, I am tired, and yes, I missed it!) Two reasons why this could happen now was that I rearranged my studio again and again, until it felt like my place, my home – and that I really felt like channeling my old friend insomnia again. The track sounds eerie and strong, and the longer I kept working on it, the more pictures of old warriors kept popping up. Anyway, enjoy – this one’s for you, and it’s also a free download. Love, Anna