Yarah Bravo

Yarah Bravo

In a time where music has evolved to exist largely as a monster money-making machine and a shallow showcase for stripped-off sex-kiAens, there stands a young lady willing to show the world it’s all about the heart.

This ever-loving soul perpetually radiates a defiant intelligence, acute political awareness and a world-traveller’s sense of cosmic consciousness while simultaneously exuding the streetwise cool of the neighbourhood girl we all secretly wanna kick it with.
Yarah Bravo doesn’t want to churn out meaningless messages and she knows that it would just be too boring swimming in the mainstream. So she’s created her own flow for the world to know.

When she takes to the stage, she performs with a sense of heartfelt urgency, conviction, and youthful energy, she captivates even the most listless crowd. With more than 4 languages under her belt, rap and poetry became her way of expression. Growing up in Sweden as a child of Chilean and Brazilian freedom fighters, once she was old enough to travel she left for NYC and London… She grew up to become a true renaissance woman with a purpose. While others con9nue pumping pollu9on into the airwaves, Yarah Bravo would rather challenge you with a breath of fresh air.

She is the founding member of London’s super-group One Self (Ninja Tune Records) and the front woman of Dj Vadim’s – The Soundcatcher Soundsystem (BBE), blessed with an aphrodisiac voice that was born to be broadcast. This charismatic and openly honest MC enjoys what she’s does so much, it’s impossible not to love it too….

After a long time of collaborations, different side-projects and a vast number of live shows the time seemed right for Yarah to return to the studio in order to lay down new songs. Following the signs of life she found a new home base within the artist-collective/label „Duzz Down San“ which granted her everything she needed to leave 9me and space and get into production for her new EP „The love movement“ a collection of well live-approved tracks which developed over the last years’ journeys.


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Think EP

by The Unused Word
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Release: 06.10.2014