_waxolutionists - pressphoto - 300dpi #2


Hailing from Austria but with their influence reaching far further, the Waxolutionists have been spreading their unique blend of classic sampling, turntablism and electronics – loaded with skills and an abundant love for hiphop – for almost 20 years.

A few highlights from the Waxos-biography: founded in 1997 by The Bionic Kid, DJ Zuzee & Dj Buzz. 
Their legendary debut-12” „Nachtschattengewächs“ (feat. Manuva, released in 1999) was followed by four regular longplayers („The Smart Blip Experience“, 2000; „Plastic People“, 2002; „Counterfight“, 2004; „We Paint Colors“, 2009) and a remix-album („RE:WAX“, 2003). The trio worked with and for artists like DJ Vadim, Ty, UK-rap-legend Blade or broken beat vocalist Lyric L and remixed luminaries like André Heller and Ray Cokes.


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