With four instrumental HipHop LPs on Beattown, a highly sought-after TLM Records 45 of Soul edits and a 12“ on German label Melting Pot Music to his name, Trishes met 1773‘s manager DJ Trew while looking for old records in Chicago. After contributing numerous beats to the group‘s two „Mixed Signals“ mixtapes, the transatlantic project intensified when 1773 picked nine of Trishes‘ beats as the musical foundation of a concept album called „The Luv Bug“. This new record is being released by Austrian label Duzz Down San, which has handled projects by Just Jay‘s other band, Vertual Vertigo, in the past and features samples from the exact stash of records that Trishes had dug out of Trew‘s basement in Chicago a couple of years earlier. So in the end, everything is coming full circle!


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DuzzUp Vol.6

by Various Artists
  • CD
  • Digi
Release: 05.08.2013