Since he was a little boy Martin Kofler better known as M-Tone loved to make loud noise. Only five years old one of this little fella’s favorite leisure pursuits was to drive his parents mad by playing  drums in a  super-whicked way. After this quite challenging phase he decided to learn the piano for three more years. Then he was introduced to turntablism and fell in love with this artform since it was the first opportunity to combine everything he learned so far, from elaborated rhythm-patterns to his basic knowledge about composition. As the years passed by M-Tone avanced to one of the illest turntablist this little country has seen so far and grabbed quite some ida-titles on his way up. In DJ Sight he met a fellow friend an turntablism-ethusiast which led to the foundation of the turntablism-crew “Phonosapiens” in 2005. After the release of their first and until this point also last LP “Circulating Instrument” M-Tone moved on to indulge to producing beats and released two EP’s so far. In 2014 M-Tone changed his alias to x-ion to start a new era of his musical output moving from hiphop-influenced electro torwards to neuro-glitch.



Affiliated Releases:


DuzzUp Vol.6

by Various Artists
  • CD
  • Digi
Release: 05.08.2013


by DJ Sight
  • Digi
  • Tape
Release: 22.06.2012