Konea Ra

Konea Ra combine sensuality, melancholy, and desire to build an emotional bonfire, a beacon. With their debut ‘Little Warrior’on Vienna Wildstyle, Konea Ra lead us on a journey which highlights the bizarre world of inner conflicts wherein the themes are love, lust, and conformity. Issues which we know all too well but must sometimes repress in order to function. Even though words like ‘sensuality’ and ‘emotion’ have been abused by Pop Charlatans for years, Konea Ra is not afraid to add epic melodies to their meanings and make the words truly accessible.

A balance between reality and fantasy, a revolt against simplification, a lack of emotion and the pressure of what has been prescribed—that is what Konea Ra is. Artists Zamagna and Mangara present their new music project: a combination of deep soul singing and unexpected beats result in independent, urban, and opulent electro-pop. Add to that an aesthetic that balances between the mystical and a very real social-critical viewpoint and you have a truly original new sound, never before heard on the Austrian music production horizon.

Photo: Andreas Waldschütz


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